Sunday 10 April 2016

My Portfolio of Stock Blogs

Besides having a portfolio of stocks, do you also keep a portfolio of stock blogs? I do, and they have made me both a better investor and a better person. Here are some of the stock blogs in my blog list (visible on the desktop version of this blog).


BigFatPurse is one of the few blogs that I always read. I like it because it does not just talk about stocks, but also investor psychology which can shed some light into how investors work and how that translates to actions seen in the stock market. An example of this is their post on Skinner’s Rats and Value Investing – Part 2. I always believe that the stock market is like a "Matrix" and you can defy the laws of the "Matrix" by acting as what you would have in the real world. For example, why is it that people flock to the Great Singapore Sale but run away from the Great SGX Sale when both have mechandise on discount? When the post is not directly about investing, it allows us to see our own actions more clearly and hopefully make better decisions in the stock market. 

Investment Moats

Investment Moats is a blog that most readers are familiar with. I categorise it as a technical blog, because it usually has tables, charts and/or references from some other studies. You can learn a lot from technical blogs. On the other hand, they can also be some of the most dangerous blogs around. Just because a post is long and complete with charts does not make it accurate. I have seen some long posts from some other blogs that are plain inaccurate. 

Investment Moats does not have such issues, as it always gather facts to support its posts. In fact, it is the only technical blog in my portfolio. I especially like his series of posts on returns from insurance policies, such as Does your Insurance Saving Plans (Endowment) give you 3 to 5% returns? It gives us some ideas on the type of returns on insurance policies that we do not normally hear about. Finally, this is one post that I wrote after first learning about it from Investment Moats: You Don't Need To Be Good In Investing To Be Rich.

Rolf Suey

Rolf Suey is another blog that most readers are familiar with. I first got to know Rolf Suey for his insider views of the Oil & Gas industry. It is rare for an industry insider to be a investment blogger. I believe many people, including myself, have benefitted immensely from his views, which have proven accurate many times.

However, I did not immediately add his blog to my portfolio, primarily because in the second half of 2015, our market actions differed. As he was selling, I was buying. Eventually, I came to realise that the actions did not matter, because our circumstances were different. What is important is the thinking behind those actions. They are very sound and prudent rationale that I can benefit from.

Money Honey

If you run through the list of blogs on my blog list, you will see one that is different from the rest -- Money Honey. He regularly posts about charities that he supports and donates generously to them. In fact, he actually sets aside a separate "Not-For-Profit" portfolio to fund donations to charities. You can refer to the amount he has donated here. I am humbled by his deeds and his blog posts serve as a constant reminder to me to help others in need.


The above are some of the blogs in my portfolio. For a complete list of my blog list, please switch to the desktop version of my blog. As shown above, they have helped me become a better investor and person. Do you also keep a portfolio of stock blogs?


  1. thanks for the props. means a lot to me coming from you.

  2. Replies
    1. Thks. It's the blogs on the list that makes it nice :)

  3. I frequently read those blogs you listed too.

    1. Yes, good blogs actually don't need much introduction. They are well known within the community.

  4. Who gets the tax relief from the donations?

    1. The donor gets the tax relief, but it will not exceed the donations, so he still donates.

  5. Hi Chin Wai,

    I am honor to be in your stock blogs. Thank you.

    1. Hi Rolf,

      It's my honour.

      And thanks for mentioning about my blog too :)