The OCBC360 or UOB One Calculator (Basic)

This web calculator helps you to decide whether the OCBC360 account or UOB One account is better for you. Please fill in the following questions and press "Calculate!" to see the results.


Q1. Are you able to credit at least $2,000 of your salary to the bank account?
Yes No

Q2. Are you able to pay 3 bills thru GIRO every month?
Yes No
Total GIRO Amount: SGD

Q3. Are you able to spend at least $500 every month on your credit card?
Yes No

Q4. How much are you able to invest or buy insurance thru the bank?

Q5. How much money can you keep in the bank account?


OCBC360 pays SGD
Effective Interest Rate is

UOB One pays SGD
Effective Interest Rate is

The better account for you is
Additional annual interest is SGD


For more info, please refer to the websites of the respective banks:
UOB One:

The information is accurate as at 22 Apr 2017.

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  1. Thanks for the comprehensive review and the web calculator. Really made it easy for me to make my decision!

  2. Hello, thank you for the calculator. However i have a question, hoping you could assist me. I went to UOB and they said EITHER credit salary OR pay 3 bills. Any idea how choosing either of these will affect the interest rate? thanks!

    1. Hi, achieving either one of them will lead to the same interest rate. Pls refer to this blog post for the applicable interest rates.