Friday 12 June 2015

Increase Your Experiential Wealth This Weekend!

As you know, the South East Asian (SEA) Games are upon us this week. What do the SEA Games have to do with finance? Other than the fact that the tickets to some events cost money, almost nothing! Nevertheless, didn't we just discussed a few weeks ago about early retirement, where you could sleep a little later and engage in your favourite past-times? Well, catching the SEA Games live is also a form of living out your retirement lifestyle!

The first game I caught live was the men's individual squash final on Wednesday night. To be honest, it was the first squash game I had ever watched in my life. I knew nothing about the game before and after it. Nevertheless, that did not stop me from enjoying the game, watching the players running all over the court to return the serve, cheering the players for recovering a difficult ball and applauding them for playing a long-drawn rally. The atmosphere was simply fantastic, with everybody cheering and moaning at the same time. My conclusion to my colleagues after watching the game was: I felt younger :) So, I will be back this weekend catching the other games live, and I encourage you to do the same. The last time the Games were held in Singapore was 22 years ago, and it could be another 20 years before we host the games again.

Many a times, we spend a lot of time working over-time and analysing our investments, so that we could one day gather sufficient material wealth to retire comfortably. In doing so, we often neglect our family, friends, health and events happening around us. These are other forms of wealth, and they are more lasting and enriching than material wealth. Think about your last trip to a so-and-so country, are you filled with fond memories about the place, the food and the people? Now think about your last purchase of a so-and-so product, do you feel the same excitement as you first had when you held the product in your hands for the first time? Best of all, non-material wealth do not cost much to acquire. Our lives are made much richer with them!

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  1. Hi Chin Wai,
    Good insights! I agree with this idea of experiential wealth a lot. . . I always value experiences most vs physical belongings. A few nights ago, my husband & I watched Dim Sum Dollies and I felt younger too. As though back to the early 20s day, cheeky and full of dreams :D.

    1. Hi Ellaa,
      Yes, the fond memories will live with us for a long time :)