Foreword (1)

The Beginning of the End

Beyond the Basics (3)

The Initial Public Offering
Rights, Bonuses and Share Buy-Backs
Structured Warrants

Insurance (9)

Doing Your Own Insurance Planning
Preference for Regular Payout Insurance
There is Really a Regular Payout Term Insurance
The Ideal Insurance Payouts
The Cost of Buying Insurance at a Later Age
The Insurance Cost of Being a Smoker
Unforeseen Risk in My Medical Insurance
Buying the Most Expensive IP When Young and Downgrading When Old
My Considerations on Eldershield

Retirement Planning (6)

Retiring at 40
The Great Retirement Challenge
Can You Count on REITs for Retirement?
Concluding Post on Early Retirement
Thoughts on Early Retirement – A Year On
Early Retirement Maybe A Luxury That I Cannot Afford

Investment Planning (31)

The IQ, EQ and AQ in Investing
Have a Plan
Know Yourself
Different Tastes for Different Folks
To Invest Or Not To Invest?
All I Want Is To Invest Wisely
You Don't Need To Be Good In Investing To Be Rich
No Need to Maximise Profits with Cash of Last Resort
How Much Does One's Financial Independence Depend on One's Health?
Experimenting with Investment Strategies
Building A Lasting Portfolio for Future Generations
Fishing for Future Generations
Not All Market Indices Are Equal
Globalisation, Technology and the Home Bias
Possibly The Worst Time to Invest
Possibly The Worst Time to Invest – A Year On
Possibly The Worst Time to Invest – 2 Years On
Possibly The Worst Time to Invest – 3 Years On
Possibly The Worst Time to Invest – 4 Years On
Possibly The Worst Time to Invest – 5 Years On
Possibly The Worst Time to Invest – 6 Years On
For A Better Tomorrow
Knowing When Others Are Fearful
The Big Picture During Bear Markets
I Don't Know Where The Market Is Heading, But I Should Know Where I Stand
Prudence is the Name of the Game
Confidence Can Only Be Built From Within
Getting Ready for US Interest Rate Rises
Inflation – The Silent Killer
What is My Target Price?

Investment Experience (6)

Confessions of a Serious Investor
Investing Is A Life-Long Learning Journey

Risk Management (6)

Different Types of Bears
Investing Is Not A Bed Of Roses
Stress Testing Your Portfolio
Behind Every Successful Bear Market Recovery is A Cash-Like Instrument
A Comparison of Risk Management Tools & Strategies
Be Cautious While Being Greedy

Investment Concepts (14)

Fundamentals of Stock and Bond Picking
What Can We Learn About Stocks From Bonds
The Investigative Approach to Stock Investments
Being A Co-Owner of GLP
How Long Would You Hold A Value Stock?
Are There Stocks That Can Withstand A Crash Better?
Why Warren Buffet's Rule No. 1 Is Not "Always Make Money"
The Irrelevance of Time Diversification
Changes to My Investment Strategies in 2014
My Investment Trends for 2015
A Look-Back at My Blog for 2016
Meet The Minions
The First Class of Minions
The Minions (Millions) Mentality

Portfolio Management (17)

Who Says You Can't Beat the Index?
Betting Against the STI Component Stock Changes
The Dogs and Puppies of STI
The Dogs and Puppies of STI for 2015
The Dogs and Puppies of STI for 2016
The Dogs and Puppies of STI for 2017
The Dogs and Puppies of STI for 2018
The Bounceback Portfolio of STI
One Plus One Equals Two-and-a-Half
Portfolio Rebalancing – A Fine Balancing Act
Volatility is Your Friend
Do Drawdowns Matter?
The Passive Portfolio
The Anti-Fragile Portfolios
The "Prudent Family" Rule in Portfolio Management
Managing My Father's Money Has Become A Full Circle
The Bull-Bear Tug of War

Stock Market (23)

The SGX City
Size of Fish Matters!
The Multi-Baggers of SGX
Origins of the SGX Multi-Baggers
The Best & Worst Months for Shares
Stock Market Performance During World Cups
The Stock Market is a Voting Machine
A Jittery September
The Day US Entered Gulf War
Ahead of the Grand Battle
What's Next for Brexit?
Is Brexit Just Noise?
Making America Great Again and Its Impact to Asia
What Have We Got After 8 Years of Easy Money?
What is Holding Up US Share Prices?
The Exit Might Be Narrower Than Expected
How Should I Defend Against the Next Market Crash?
Another Year That Ends with 7
No, the Stock Market Did Not Crash in 2017
As A Contrarian, You Will Always Walk Alone
Financial News Can Be Very Scary At Times
Wealth Management Lessons from the Railroad Tycoon

Stocks (80)

Are Investors Short-Changing Themselves Over Privatisation Deals?
Investors' Guide to Privatisation Deals
Striking the Privatisation Lottery 4 Times
Case Studies of Unsuccessful Privatisations
What Happens When Your Shares Are Compulsorily Acquired?
Playing Poker With Capitaland Over CapitaMalls Asia
The Last Stand on CapitaMalls Asia
Poker Game Over CH Offshore & UE E&C
Daughters Are Generally Prettier Than Mothers
What Are Driving Those Numbers!
Valuable Info That You Can Only Get From AGMs
Interest Rate Hedging Smoke Screen
It Is Possible to Survive a Currency Depreciation
Know Your Customers Well!
Investing Lessons Learnt for 2017
How to Get a Multi-Bagger?
Multi-Baggers – To Hold or Not to Hold?
The Salted Fishes
The Small Cushion That Warrants Provide
I Don't Understand China Stocks
The China Wage Story
Banks' Operating & Financial Metrics Explained
A Comparison of the 3 Local Banks
No, I Didn't Buy OSIM at 6¢ During GFC
Bye Bye, OSIM!
The GLP Story
My Roller Coaster Ride with GLP
Bye Bye, GLP!
Potential Replacements for GLP
The Accounting for Hyflux's Water Treatment Plants
Did Hyflux Make Money for its Ordinary Shareholders?
Can SingPost Hold Up Against the Competition? (Dr Wealth)
Spindex Industries: Small But Growing (Dr Wealth)

Oil & Gas (21)

My Oil Stock Adventures
The Demand and Supply for Oil
Understanding Saudi Arabia's Game Plan on Oil Price
The Missing Link Between Oil Price & O&G Profitability
The Economics of An Oil Exploration & Production Company
Lessons for Investing in OSV Companies from Shipping Trusts
Which Offshore Support Vessel Companies Will Survive?
A Peek into Offshore Support Vessel Companies' Prospects
Understanding Shipbuilders' Balance Sheets
The Type of Debts O&G Companies Have Matters
What Moving Averages Can Teach Us About O&G Stocks
My Upstream Oil & Gas Rescue Operations
My Downstream Oil & Gas Recovery Operations
My Oil & Gas Fightback
Is A Recovery for Oil & Gas Shipbuilders Near?
Oil & Gas, Show Me the Orders!
What Keppel Offshore & Marine's Order Book Can Tell Us
Is Keppel Corp's Provision for Sete Brasil's Orders Adequate?
How Will Keppel Corp Navigate the Oil Crash?
Keppel Corp – A Good Captain Sailing Through Rough Waters
Which KrisEnergy Should I Buy?
Shipping (5)

Valuation of First Ship Lease Trust
Sustainability of First Ship Lease Trust's Cashflows
A Comparison of Shipping Trusts' Business Models
Hotels (2)

Some Hotels Could Be Very Valuable!
Will GL Rise Like Mandarin Oriental?

Unit Trusts (5)

Different Mentality in Stock and Unit Trust Investing
Dollar Cost Averaging Works Best with Volatile Stocks/ Unit Trusts
Why Unit Trust Expense Ratio Matters
Experience with Lifecycle Unit Trusts
Review of My SRS Investments

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) (12)

REITs Are Not Forever Attractive
Do REITs Overpay for Their Acquisitions?
The Hidden Risks of Buy-and-Leasebacks for Industrial REITs
Cash Over Valuation for REITs
The Great SGX Sale on REITs
Not All Hospitality Trusts Are Created Equal
Things Don't Look Good for Retail Landlords
A Tale of 2 Indonesian REITs
What Siloam's Financial Reports Can Tell Us About First Reit's Lease Restructuring
Should First Reit Be Given a Second Chance?
Will Suntec Reit Carry Out a Rights Issue?
Will ARA US HT Carry Out a Rights Issue?

Properties (9)

Properties, the Population White Paper and the Land Use Plan
Properties and the Population Picture
A Prediction About Properties 13 Years Ago
Properties and the Arrival of Robots and Automation
Do Properties or Shares Make Better Investments?

Fixed Income (24)

Preference Shares
Government Bonds – A Primer
Government Bonds – The Tools
Getting the Best of Both SSB & SGS
Singapore Savings Bonds – A Year On
Singapore Savings Bonds – 2 Years On
Sneak Preview of SSB Interest Rates
SSB Interest Rate Estimates – A Year On
The Lost Art of Bond Investment
Is Benjamin Graham's Art of Bond Investment Outdated?
Does FCL's 3.65% Bond Have Sufficient Margin of Safety?
Does Aspial's 5.25% Bond Have Sufficient Margin of Safety?
Does Perennial's 4.65% Bond Have Sufficient Margin of Safety?
Does Oxley's 5% Bond Have Sufficient Margin of Safety?
Does Aspial's 5.30% Bond Have Sufficient Margin of Safety?
Do Hyflux's 6% Perps Have Sufficient Margin of Safety?
Does SIA's 3.03% Bond Have Sufficient Margin of Safety?
Watch Out for Hyflux's Omission of Ordinary Dividends
If You Invest In Fixed Income, Read the Fine Print
Benchmarks for Retail Bond Pricing
Do Retail Bond Investors Get the Poorer Deal?
Prefs and Perps are Generally Inferior to Stocks and Bonds as an Investment Form
Will Temasek Bail Out SIA Bondholders In Event of Default?
Sneak Attack on My Cash Reservoirs

Private Equity Bonds (6)

Are Private Equity Bonds Better Than Corporate Bonds?
Would I Invest in Astrea IV 4.35% Bonds?
Understanding the Safeguards of Astrea IV 4.35% Bonds
Astrea V 3.85% Bonds – Understanding What You Are Buying Into
Where Do Astrea Bonds Stand Along PE Fund Lifecycle?
A Shrinking Balance Sheet for Bonds in Mature PE Funds

Savings (4)

OCBC360 vs UOB One: The Calculator
OCBC360 vs UOB One: The Verdict
Two-Timing the Banks For Higher Savings Interest Rates
Will Bank Deposits Pay Negative Interest Rates?

Loans (8)

How To Select a Housing Loan Package
Housing Loan Servicing – Cash or CPF?
Clean Out CPF Balance When Taking HDB Housing Loan?
How to Avoid Cleaning Out Your CPF Balance When Taking HDB Loan
Is CPF Accrued Interest Double Counting of Housing Loan Interest?
Why Singapore Interest Rates Might Rise Faster than Expected
Behind Fixed Deposit Home Loan Rates
Stretch Loan & Invest the Rest

Expenditure Management (4)

Managing Expenditure
Living a Frugal Life
The Philosophy of Spending Money
How Many Months Do You Have to Work This Year?

Tax Planning (4)

Deciding How Much Tax You Want to Pay
SRS Exit Strategy
Maximising the Benefits from SRS
Minimising the Costs from SRS and CPF Investments

Charity (2)

Giving Back to Society
Make a SG50 Donation Today!

Miscellaneous (8)

A Moment of Silence for Mr Lee Kuan Yew
From Third World to First
Wills, Trusts, AMDs and LPAs
Why Is Protectionism A Concern For Singapore?
Increase Your Experiential Wealth This Weekend
My Portfolio of Stock Blogs
Do Not Judge A Blogger By Short-Term Price Movements
Shareholding Disclosure

Anniversary Blog Posts (6)

A Year's Worth of Blog Posts
About Blogging and Investing
The Value of (The) Boring Investor Blog
I Didn't Let My Alma Mater Down
How Long Can (The) Boring Investor Blog Continue?

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